Our Services

We Strive to Provide Excellent Service and Maximum Reimbursement resulting in Ultimate Cash Flow for Podiatry and Orthopedic Practices.

Successful Billing Inc. is an innovative Medical Billing Company that is dedicated to providing Podiatry and Orthopedic practices with the latest reimbursement strategies, information and services within the highest level of the industry.

We are a Boston based privately owned medical billing service with 15 years of experience in Podiatry and Orthopedic billing. We are proud to serve our clients and know how imperative it is to stay informed of the everchanging policies within the Podiatry and Orthopedic specialties.   

Successfull Billing Inc offers full service medical billing, from charge entry to
collections.  Our state- of- the- art web based software allows us to receive
charge information electronically or by hard copy.  With our sophisticated
claim scrubber, we maximize clean claim submission and review claims for
potential lost revenue.  Our software also includes a user friendly efficient
scheduler for handling and monitoring patient flow.

Being web-based allows us to work closely with practices regardless of there locations.

Client satisfaction is our goal and we accomplish this by consistently listening to our clients in order to meet all their requirements. We are committed to assisting you and your staff in complying with the complex billing requirements associated with the submission of insurance claims.

Why Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Here are Three Key Reasons:

Lower costs.  Very simply, it costs less to outsource the billing for a group of ten doctors or less, than to create and run an internal billing department.

Higher revenue.  Medicare and other payers often change the rules and deny medical claims.  Outsource billing company personnel know the rules, and assertively pursue denied payments.  Results in higher revenue.

More time to build your medical practice.  By outsourcing billing, the providers can focus on patient care and growing the practice, avoiding the distraction of managing a billing and collections operation. 

Get paid for your services. On time. Every time.
Why lose revenue when you could be collecting more of what you earn? Whether you’re looking to improve your cash flow or simplify your practice, contact us today to find out how we can help you acheive your goal.